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Weight Mystery

I got 99 problems but you aren’t one. My first of all that becomes the second all the way to the 99th is only one…weight issues. Some of you jog, go to the gym to loosen up a bit, get your sexy back and stay healthy but the opposite applies to me. I want to add up so bad. That has been my goal like forever but it is like other forces have decided that, that is a fantasy.

Well, I got the hips and a fine behind that are always complemented by every Tom, Dick and Harry not forgetting my flat tummy. If the rate at which my body figure maintains itself is the same rate to which my weight adds up then all would be at ease. However, every time I approach a weighing machine to determine that weight am always eager to leave with a smiley face but the disappointment I get has got me not ever wanting to weigh it again.

You probably are asking what I am targeting at. 50 kilos my friends…50…1, 2, 3….50. Got it? Do not be shocked but my weight always varies between 43, 44 and 45 and the last time it went beyond 45 was when my hormones in the adolescent stage went to cloud 9 and I hit 47. At my age a doctor would say am underweight and others would say considering you not tall that is a non-issue…how that math of body mass works out am still to know.

I try to do everything right and on a serious note am looking up for avenues to add weight in a healthy way. I do not want to wake up and stuff myself with junk foods, lazy around with no exercise waiting for one obese moment with the excuse of adding up. Hell no! Healthy lifestyle while still maintaining that figure is what am searching for.

I see TV programmes only advocating for weight loss while health specialists are so keen to let you know the quick steps to losing weight; but for crying out loud what are the likes of me supposed to do? The struggle is real and please start informing us on how to add up the healthy way.

Is someone feeling me? Who is in my shoes and what have you done to deal with this syndrome called “not adding weight?”

Ps: when i hit 50 am throwing a party believe you me!

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6 thoughts on “Weight Mystery

  1. I would advocate for going to the gym…really. Getting your bones toned up does wonders to your weight, and your appetite. Though I am small-ish, I have always weighed betwee 51-55 in the last 6-7years. I don’t go to the gym anymore but I used to sometime back…and did do a lot of heavy lifting work which must have helped add to my muscle weight. I am not muscular,but I have a friend who is pretty much my size-with a bigger ass too-that is yet to get to 50.
    Not many plans out here encourage increase of weight,something my pals and I have bemoaned too. But I do find whenever I exert myself I tend to eat more and better. My non professional advise..try weights at the gym.


  2. If you do want to increase your calorie intake eating healthy things eat things like nuts, avocado, red meats… Things that are higher in calories but still low in unhealthy nutrients 😀

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