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International Women’s Day

Where would we be without WOMEN in our society? Imagine a world where this gender does not exist….gross!! In every home, corridor, street, community, nation they are the support systems where if they fall, everything else collapses. Take for instance in our homes…they wake up early, prepare the kids for school, prepare meals, go to work, come back in the evening so tired, manage all the house chores once again before calling it a day. What if she just relaxed and did nothing? Then the family institution is bound to break down. In our countries they advocate for peace, unity and love despite the jeer that tarnishes their images.

Social evils against women have been demeaning them for such a long time now. In my country for example; early marriages and female genital mutilation have denied the girl child access to quality education making her living standards so poor; abuses like rape grab the little ones of their innocence; lack of support to women in political rallies has seen them lose even when they take charge of these positions. Where is the back up? So tirelessly they fight but are we giving them the accorded respect, honor and cheer?

Today she is given the honor worldwide. Let us celebrate them for without women be it young, old, small, big the circle can never be complete. They are the pillars that make a difference and their acts are never to be washed away.

Who is that woman you cherish today? The likes of The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta the only first lady to organize a marathon to ensure that maternal and child mortality narrow down to zero, Late Prof.Wangari Maathai who dedicated her works towards the Green Belt Movement to ensure a conducive environment for all, President of Liberia Ellen Johnson- the first woman to be appointed president in Africa, writers, artists whose works continue to impact lives…..they are so many but to you all I celebrate you.


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