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In the Land of the Herb

Call this my second home after Nakuru. Famously known for this green plant “miraa” or Khat that has sparked debates all over the world with some terming it as a drug while others claiming to be a herb, then am thinking of revisiting this place. Everything green, the serene environment just awakened my nature senses. Lying on the slopes of Mt.Kenya with springs of rivers surrounding it and its former locality been Eastern Kenya; Meru County is heavily endowed with magical attractions to make anyone go wow. Remember Peace Ambassadors Kenya, we were in for a long road trip to Meru for a peace marathon on Saturday and just to figure how VIPs we were our mode of transport was the Kenya Administration Police Scania (that was one awesome bus with a police officer as our driver together with other 2 officers accompanying us).

quarries so deep beautify the area

Been a national club, peace ambassadors from across the country boarded this bus at the capital city while others like me were picked up in our hometowns not forgetting another group was on its way from Kakamega using other “police means”. Traversing counties was epic, mingling was awesome and at 6pm we arrived at Meru where a heavy downpour cleansed us and alerted everyone that visitors had arrived.

notice the downpour

Lodges are not expensive here as the New Silent Travellers Lodge opened its doors to accommodate us with bookings going for Ksh600 per room. In the land of Njuri Ncheke who are the council of elders, peace screams it all. Maybe it was in this part of town but only a few number of people could be seen wandering at night, most businesses were closed for the day by the time we were searching for restaurants to have our meals. After everyone had had their meal, no way were we going back to our rooms so we all hopped into a matatu and off we went to Makutano where pomp and color feels the streets. It was time to party and that we did at Club Neon after Club Blend refused to allow some of us as they had left their IDs, (at times protocols need not come at times like this…) but DjAlekking really rocked the music as we whined all night long.

party time

Come Saturday morning and we all woke up late as hangovers took over and even not all joined us to the starting point of the marathon whereby we were already late. We were partaking in the 5km run to promote peace in the region but the likes of me never ran; I simply walked all the way as I toured this beautiful horizon. In the process I came across a hotel African Dishes that made me laugh real hard….so its menu read this nono, ncabi and before I could really figure out what this meant I realized the translation doomed peas (nono) and black beans (ncabi). Moreover, taxis are used for locomotion where the charges are cheap making me even want to move sooner; I paid Ksh 20! How cheaper could it possibly get?

some of the team mates and I at the awards ground(Kaaga primary school)

The awarding ceremony concluded in time for us to share lunch with the politicians at the Meru Teachers College grounds. The Kakamega group left that evening and we joined the Meru teachers’ students in their basketball pitch for a match where my legs are literally paining because of that! Night fell and at 8pm our long awaited bus came to pick us up and this time round we used Nanyuki-Nyeri road and I must admit that was the shortest route ever! (Are night journeys shorter than day ones?)

Ps: Those in Kenya wishing to join the Peace Ambassadors for more thrilling events like climbing Mt.Kenya come March, West Pokot and Lamu Mentor and Mentee programme this March, trip to Tanzania on December and many more that I cannot recall, hit me up on my email . Together let us advocate for peace.



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