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1,000+ Hits

While I was away in the land of the “herb” since Friday something happened….my statistics hit 1000+….yeeeessssss or is it waaaaaattttt! I had to open my eyes so wide and confirm this forgetting the hangovers am nursing. Speech moment shush (clearing throat ooh no preparing my knuckles). How does one even say this…..?

My followers without you rating, liking, sharing and commenting then this would have been one boring episode of 8 months but thank to you this journey has been thrilling. My stalkers those who go through my blog, complain to my face that I need to write that morale gave me the energy to share my mind out and voila here I am. Salute.

Then there are those who constantly ask the link to the blog and take their time to peep through I really appreciate and if you have noted my WhatsApp status has never changed till June last year and it’s not changing any time soon; so those who used it to sneak through, Asante Sana.

Lastly, if you thought writing was easy then you got it wrong. At times the psyche just vanishes, time consumes up what is supposed to be your daily dose, thinking of a prose to write in just confuses one further and you even think of shutting it all down. However, make it a habit of finishing what you start as quitting only makes you a loser. Looking forward to more exciting memories.

Let’s make a toast to SENTIMENTS for reaching 1,067 views…CHEERS.




Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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