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The Eldest


The love between my parents was kindled even more when i was born, their first daughter. I was daddy’s little girl till two more boys came along and closed the siblings chapter. Fyuks, i still remained to be the only girl but then i remember complaining i needed a sister and my parents might have asked themselves “she thinks its a matter of sneezing to bring a child into this world. Wait till she starts having her own…..”

To my utter surprise, been the first comes with its own responsibilities and it is that, that makes us behave the way we do, do what we do and say what we say. If i was asked i would still want to be the first because in it i have learned the following:

Sacrifice-been selfish is not in mind and i have to let go of the little at hand to just let the little ones( who are now big men) take it. At times though if it is as good as my eyes and heart sees it, i have to take it because you don’t expect me to sacrifice everything, c’mon!

Survival-the skill to live when life hits rock bottom has been installed in my system. I have had to adapt and adopt to certain coping mechanisms just in case a tide hits us and have to act that all is alright.

Hustle-working extra hard by having to juggle among many things so as to make life worth living for. It gets to a certain age that you don’t have to keep nagging parents that this and that is needed and you have to let ends meet on your own; independent.

Role model-upping up our game is what we first born like doing most. If it is passing exams be among the first, if it is getting a job get a good one;everything has to be just right because we lead by example.

Care-am always checking up on them. However, you will agree with me that they never do the same to you unless they want something. You always the first to call, text and at times you pissed off for caring too much.

Counselor- the art of giving advises and acting like a psychiatrist. Sigh. How i have to equip myself with the right wise words, how other relatives call so as to talk to their daughters, how friends want our opinions before taking that action…first born dilemmas.

Be organized-keeping everything in order, be clean, neat.

Tough-am this serious lady who never lets her guts go down the gutter. When i loosen up a bit now we can laugh, joke but when you see the tough me please do not cross that path. I never fathom why we this way but it is as it is.

Those are the top things i have had to do in my life but not that those behind us never teach us anything. They do and Challenging us is what they love doing. If you not smart enough they outdo us in so many things that make us want to be in a competition or else your role as a first born will be manually handed over.

At times i have to brag it to my siblings faces that am the senior. Call it crazy but if i want something done, i love ordering them.

So what crazy thing have you done or lesson learned from been the eldest?










Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

4 thoughts on “The Eldest

  1. I am not the eldest, but I see all these attributes with my eldest sister. I always say being the eldest is too much work…and turns out I’m right! 🙂
    We would be in a bad place without our eldest siblings, so we will always love you!

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