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Divine Intervention

The heavens must have been searching for who would teach the little kids during Sunday school lessons when their teachers started going on maternity leave one after the other. I cannot fathom how the work landed on me and I must have asked in my inner mind “of all the people in this Church, ME?? You got to be kidding me? You for real? Seriously?”

Call it divine intervention for a lost soul but if this was the way the Almighty was creating our connection then He really hit the jackpot. “Church things” as I call them are meant for the quiet, the Saints but for this lady who raps (as I have been told), listens to all kind of music, talks 5 languages (do not ask which ones) then I was in for some tough task.

I love kids that is something everyone around me can confirm and who wouldn’t want to teach them a thing or two about Him? So to prove to everyone even sinners are good at everything I took it. There’s a book that guides teachers on what to teach, songs to sing, bible verses and all that but I took a different twist. I was not the teacher to scare the little ones that the devil has horns, big red eyes yet I have never seen him!

What I did that no other teacher did was act. Drama things and am not bluffing. Thank goodness to my childhood memories those songs I was taught still ring a bell. I did not want snoring kids in the room as they had sacrificed their sleep for this Holy day so I had to be creative. The thing about drama was to eliminate shyness, make them confident and at the same time teach Bible stories in a way they would never forget through creating a vivid picture. Whenever they heard that it was drama time the innocent faces lit up and gladly volunteered for various roles. I have seen them grow to a point of standing in front of a crowd to say poems, sing name it.

Been the drama queen I have always been, Sunday school moments became my favorite days and always looked forward to them when I was free. The little ones bring out our childish behaviors, make us forget our troubles and above all draw a picture of us when we were young. Moreover, through it my faith has been replenished in a way He knows best.

Believe me I never thought I would do it but hey even when the kids miss me they say it “we want drama,” to the extent I have another name to my so many names; Sunday school teacher.

Saint or no saint, when He calls you up to a task, do it.div



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