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5 O’clock Club

The 5 o’clock club. Not a party club that parties all night and gets home at this time nor a chatting club that hits our phones this early. Nada. So what about it? I recently joined this club in terms of waking up. The last time i woke up this early was back when classes were scheduled for 7am or if i had an adventure to the far horizon. Gears have shifted and i have to train my body to do away with the 6 o’clock alarm and wake up much earlier.

So why 5am one would ask? Not that i loathe sleeping in fact during the weekends my bed can confirm that i love its warm sensation. After i realized that i can do much before 6, then why would i let it slip away? Moreover, upon reading Sharma’s book and him quoting that it is the quality rather than quantity of sleep that matters most, i had to prove it.

Here is how my typical mornings look like:

5.00-5.30; some time alone in my “war room”. Have you watched the movie “The War Room?” If you like me who really struggles to walk by Him side to side then this is a must watch.pray This is that silent moment when i read a verse, say a prayer and meditate on how my day should be. Waking up at 6 had its negativity as i had little time to do all this and be off at 7.

5.31-6.00; exercise. Aha i got no gym neither do i rush to one but i realized this early if you scroll the many TV stations there are lots of experts guiding you on some healthy exercises.ex So am keeping fit via TV. How cool is that? It is when you exercise that you are highly active as you got the vim and vigor to tackle the day’s activities.

6.01-6.50; preparing breakfast, showering and dressing up. My ultimate plan is usually taking a glass or two of water before consuming anything. Heavy breakfast is not my A thing as my stomach has never adapted to consuming heavily in the morning. To compensate for that i end up carrying snacks or fruits to be taken later. Am the slow type when it comes to dressing up; not that i have a difficult time choosing an outfit but the time taken to lotion my body…..(don’t even ask).

When the clock hits 7 am out of the house. That is how i ended up adopting to this new club.

How does your typical morning look like?







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