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Slowing Conquering my Resolutions

February the month of love is finally here. January was the month when we made resolutions and if you haven’t started achieving them by now then something is not right. Back then I followed my instincts on what to do and not do and it worked pretty well though I realized if the flow remained constant I was not progressing. Then I made a few goals since there was no need to lie to myself with a chunk of them was the way to go. Just the simple things I needed to do to result in big accomplishments at the end of the year.

Then it the midst of it all, my partner in crime when it comes to reading books challenged me. He was reading this awesome books and so as not to be all blank in the books sector, I inquired of what books he was reading. Let me say this particular book, my first book this year opened my eyes on a lot of things.

Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma startled my inner being. At first I thought of death, then crying…hmm. You see when you attend funerals mourning is a guarantee especially if the deceased was a good figure to you. But why would they wail? It is because of the good deeds, the picture you leave behind or is it that they crying to the Almighty to spare your soul out of the evilness you did?who will cry

Then I downloaded the book to quench my curiosity. It was not a fairy tale neither was it some biography on some scholar. Disciplinary book, I called it that way. It was a driving force to some of the guidelines to living before death; Building your legacy. With quotes from different philosophers, it stipulated down what needed to be done and what to avoid. Each page yearned for more reading and in two weeks time I was through.

With one book read so far, am quite achieving my reading goals. With a milestone to do, it all takes a step at a time; don’t rush, you in no race with anyone but yourself.

This month majority of us are expecting some sugar love. With valentines a couple of days to come, the roses, chocolates, wine, dinner and many other love things are knocking at our doors. To be honest, all I know is the towns are usually painted red and I let the day pass by just like any other normal day. If you love them give it to them that’s all I can utter.

Fasten on your safety belt and let us ride to the new month.feb









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