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Ninjas With Attitude(NWA)

The men in my life call themselves the NWA. This name did not come after the premier of the Straight Outta Compton movie as I was made to believe though I highly doubt till now (someone back me up in this). This are not the “niggas” who go rap surrounded by the Bs with boogie As, driving the Bugatti’s, popping champagne, use of the F word and chopping money. Nuh aah. This is a different kind of breed but hustle is the common similarity.

Ninjas have proved to be best friends when it comes to the male version. When you need a shoulder to lean on, let all your anger out, a pushing factor when it comes to working hard and someone who tells you the ultimate truth without hurting your ego; they the best. Yes you are allowed to have a crush on them but before you get crushed by this crush I find something peculiar in them…

The crazy rules have got me wondering who chaired the meeting, scribbled them and stuffed them in a bookshelf with the title “Rules of the rare species by Ninjas” ready to be read by curious cats like me!! Hey can you keep a secret? They don’t date “whaaaatttt!!” I feel you. “You know why?” Because they too busy chasing I don’t know which dreams and have no time to dilly dally with your feelings. Not that they have never been in love, I’ve seen them trying to make it up for their sugar boo but hey girl if he left, you were not the issue, he was. (But deep inside his ego he still loves you).

Party animals have defined this breed as they hop from city to city, club to club to shake it off. Free as a bird stress is not a recipe and you better bring the drinks into the ingredient. Basically for the good deeds I do the only gift I have had to choose from is a drink; take it or leave it.

The sweet aroma from a man’s kitchen says a lot. They cook since “bachelor” seems to be the tag on their foreheads but not all can and they even ready to join a catering group just to know how to cook! Dang!

Ninjas can talk! I thought this role was left out to ladies but not till this species started outdoing me. Stir up a debate, fight, real talk and am telling you that seat will be too hot to abandon. Next time my men, give me a chance to speak and defend myself for Pete’s sake.

Am not spilling all their dos and don’ts because after this I feel like am in for a long “mute sentence” but they have been the reason I read books, love my comedies, talk anything and everything, love my hip-hop, smile, laugh, give me the needed advices in life, allow me to make risks in this world without “buts” so as to learn from them, constantly checking up on me, cheer me on when am falling for dudes, they the big brothers I never had but now have and I really appreciate you my NWAs. I love you to the moon and back and that is why I had to write this. Moreover, when am around you guys I get to be myself.

You have to thank the heavens none of your families follows my blog otherwise Tony and Nassir leave other goons out xoxo.

Ps: they later upgraded to Goose…something…who comes up with such whack names in that team???

Psss: Ryse254 you so innocent am not even thinking of grouping you into the Ninjas breed. Way back in campus we started our diploma with the hope of making the societies a better place to live in. Little did we know in our midst we had an artist, musician? Juggling between books to the studio was not easy but we supported you to never give up on your talent. It’s been 5 years of friendship and in it he has produced an album “Society the Build Up” IMG-20160222-WA0002with 10 songs all audio in it. Within the last 3 months he has sold 500 copies which saw the funds put it together for a recording of his first video“New Edition.” Building his voice around hip-hop, he is in the process of getting a manager to guide him with the much needed advice in the entertainment scenes. His music journey already began with Culture and Concept inculcated in it. Buddy am so proud of you and y’all Sentiments family can link up with his music…………..get it all at mdundo on As for the video you can watch it all here

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The Eldest


The love between my parents was kindled even more when i was born, their first daughter. I was daddy’s little girl till two more boys came along and closed the siblings chapter. Fyuks, i still remained to be the only girl but then i remember complaining i needed a sister and my parents might have asked themselves “she thinks its a matter of sneezing to bring a child into this world. Wait till she starts having her own…..”

To my utter surprise, been the first comes with its own responsibilities and it is that, that makes us behave the way we do, do what we do and say what we say. If i was asked i would still want to be the first because in it i have learned the following:

Sacrifice-been selfish is not in mind and i have to let go of the little at hand to just let the little ones( who are now big men) take it. At times though if it is as good as my eyes and heart sees it, i have to take it because you don’t expect me to sacrifice everything, c’mon!

Survival-the skill to live when life hits rock bottom has been installed in my system. I have had to adapt and adopt to certain coping mechanisms just in case a tide hits us and have to act that all is alright.

Hustle-working extra hard by having to juggle among many things so as to make life worth living for. It gets to a certain age that you don’t have to keep nagging parents that this and that is needed and you have to let ends meet on your own; independent.

Role model-upping up our game is what we first born like doing most. If it is passing exams be among the first, if it is getting a job get a good one;everything has to be just right because we lead by example.

Care-am always checking up on them. However, you will agree with me that they never do the same to you unless they want something. You always the first to call, text and at times you pissed off for caring too much.

Counselor- the art of giving advises and acting like a psychiatrist. Sigh. How i have to equip myself with the right wise words, how other relatives call so as to talk to their daughters, how friends want our opinions before taking that action…first born dilemmas.

Be organized-keeping everything in order, be clean, neat.

Tough-am this serious lady who never lets her guts go down the gutter. When i loosen up a bit now we can laugh, joke but when you see the tough me please do not cross that path. I never fathom why we this way but it is as it is.

Those are the top things i have had to do in my life but not that those behind us never teach us anything. They do and Challenging us is what they love doing. If you not smart enough they outdo us in so many things that make us want to be in a competition or else your role as a first born will be manually handed over.

At times i have to brag it to my siblings faces that am the senior. Call it crazy but if i want something done, i love ordering them.

So what crazy thing have you done or lesson learned from been the eldest?








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50 Shades of Valentine

If you thought that it was all about a day like any other then to others you got it wrong. How about spending all you got on the one you love. We talking of 5.4 million! For only two nights my friends. Would you go to that extent? Let Kempinski tell it all and share your views.

Another Valentine’s day, another mega package from everyone’s favourite hotel – Villa Rosa Kempinski.

The Sh5.4 million package will involve taking a couple through a 50 hour intimate and romantic journey built around an ultimate luxury experience.

“The journey begins on Saturday 13th February when the hotel will pick the couple from their resident with a convoy of limousines, accompanied by a butler, a lady-in-red and security for close protection. The red carpet walk way, free flow of vintage champagne and a 2 nights stay at the presidential suite sets the pace for the couple.” reads the statement.

Couple gets Limousine ride from their residence
2 nights stay at the presidential suite


On 14th, the day will start with breakfast by the terrace of their Presidential Suite, and thereafter they’ll hop into a chopper for a sky excursion of Nairobi city before being flown to Masai Mara for a sky safari.

At around 1pm the same day, the couple is expected to arrive at the world famous Olare Mara Kempinski at the Mara.

Helicopter ride to and from the Maasai Mara


“Two Thai masseuses will be flown in from Villa Rosa Kempinski to take them through a romantic spa session with a Maesa lanciolata, honey and chocolate massage on the sundeck of Olare Mara Kempinski’s Honeymoon Tent just by the plunge pool overlooking the vast savannah dotted with wildlife.”

“The couple will be given some time to relax and have a bubble bath before a game drive en route to an exclusive sundowner cocktail set up for them in the middle of the park. After this remarkable experience the couple takes their chopper back to the city to culminate the intimate experience, plus intimate sundowner cocktail.” continues the statement.



The Olare Mara Kempinski

The hotel’s award winning chef, Ciaran Gantly has apparently come up with a brand new menu for this experience, and it will never be replicated in the hotel, ever.

The 6 course menu has taken the chef 6 weeks to craft and source ingredients from all over the world.

“The culinary odyssey awaiting the two special guests includes asparagus velouté with truffle mascarpone and parmesan crisp. There will also be grilled fillet of turbot with cucumber ribbons, oyster butter sauce and honeyed duck breast with dried cherries which will be washed down with a bottle of Penfolds Grange, one of the finest wines in the world.” the statement continues.

The couple will enjoy this dining experience at Kempinski rooftop overlooking Nairobi skyline. At their beck and call will be the executive chef, 2 waitresses and their butler.

Dinner at Kempinski rooftop overlooking Nairobi skyline

The cherry on top of the cake will be handpicked exclusive custom-made set of diamond jewellery for the lady and white diamond cuff links for the gentleman sourced from Italy. These plus other custom made gifts for the couple are valued at Sh1.4 million.

The whole experience will set you back Sh5.4 million only.


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Divine Intervention

The heavens must have been searching for who would teach the little kids during Sunday school lessons when their teachers started going on maternity leave one after the other. I cannot fathom how the work landed on me and I must have asked in my inner mind “of all the people in this Church, ME?? You got to be kidding me? You for real? Seriously?”

Call it divine intervention for a lost soul but if this was the way the Almighty was creating our connection then He really hit the jackpot. “Church things” as I call them are meant for the quiet, the Saints but for this lady who raps (as I have been told), listens to all kind of music, talks 5 languages (do not ask which ones) then I was in for some tough task.

I love kids that is something everyone around me can confirm and who wouldn’t want to teach them a thing or two about Him? So to prove to everyone even sinners are good at everything I took it. There’s a book that guides teachers on what to teach, songs to sing, bible verses and all that but I took a different twist. I was not the teacher to scare the little ones that the devil has horns, big red eyes yet I have never seen him!

What I did that no other teacher did was act. Drama things and am not bluffing. Thank goodness to my childhood memories those songs I was taught still ring a bell. I did not want snoring kids in the room as they had sacrificed their sleep for this Holy day so I had to be creative. The thing about drama was to eliminate shyness, make them confident and at the same time teach Bible stories in a way they would never forget through creating a vivid picture. Whenever they heard that it was drama time the innocent faces lit up and gladly volunteered for various roles. I have seen them grow to a point of standing in front of a crowd to say poems, sing name it.

Been the drama queen I have always been, Sunday school moments became my favorite days and always looked forward to them when I was free. The little ones bring out our childish behaviors, make us forget our troubles and above all draw a picture of us when we were young. Moreover, through it my faith has been replenished in a way He knows best.

Believe me I never thought I would do it but hey even when the kids miss me they say it “we want drama,” to the extent I have another name to my so many names; Sunday school teacher.

Saint or no saint, when He calls you up to a task, do it.div

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Dear Ovaries: Thanks, But Your Work Here Is Done

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