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Different Strokes

This year’s K.C.P.E results had a different stroke and am glad it had to be that way. It seems to be a turning point for the worst hit North Eastern regions known to be poor in everything. The way we narrate about it to believing everything we hear and told should change come 2016. Ooh yes they have had their bitter share of the cake but sweetness is revealing itself.

To hell if there was leakage(as I bumped into some conversations), to hell with the pupil: teacher ratio, to hell with the poor infrastructure that makes them study under trees, to hell with the cultural practices that drive illiteracy levels a notch higher and good riddance to the best performance I have heard so far.

My ears were getting used to the same old song of the best private schools around the cities conquering it all and the child in that marginalized area was left in the arms of mother nature to nurture her education. So common was the song that even when the government decided not to rank schools anymore I was perplexed. Why? When all I wanted to see was which giant school out did the other. However, in the midst of it all I was happy because the shame would not have to demean some areas and prove that they were stupid!

Alas, what does Mandera, Wajir, Garissa’s performance mean? That indeed enough is enough! Enough of the mockery, insults, discrimination and we bringing it on. Change. Despite terror attacks looming in the area, no matter teachers leaving for fear of their lives; investments in education need to be on the rise. Building proper classrooms, disbursing funds equally, allocating teachers and improving state of infrastructure in the regions should be highly considered.

Barriers to achieving quality education like the nomadic lifestyle where pupils drop out of school to look after cattle while other have to move from one area to another for greener pastures have to be addressed too. I respect thy culture thou.

Public schools continue to showcase their lack of performance with an enormous number of drop outs yet the free education system still exist. It is not ironic whatsoever as the same topics, syllabus runs even in the private sector. Yes, there are a couple of grievances that create room for excuses day in-day out; who is to blame?

Shine on my dear North Eastern-ers.

PS: My MIA doesn’t been I’ve been wandering but been keenly concentrating on things I love. For instance MC10 W.T.O conference held in Kenya recently has had my country blamed for failing Africa. Ha, it was the first in Africa where the big 5 dominated ruling out even the host country in finalizing a deal. Even COP21 deal in Paris didn’t come easy as countries disagreed but finally an agreement was reached (hope you in the move to reduce global warming). So what was different with the trade deals? The norm has been developed countries take advantage of developing countries when they open up their economies. Duty free access to markets seemed to be the only thing that passed through. The mayhem to this failure was the ignorance given to the Doha Round where up-to date no agreement on agricultural subsidies, export competition and market access has ever been finalized. While others argued concentrating on an issue for too long delayed key agendas some still feel that the LDCs should have been the first priority. What transpired leaves more room for debates, questions and as we accept multilateral trade are we ready to incorporate the principles of WTO trading system? Come 2017 for the next conference, are we ready to take into effect the concerns of developing countries?

Are you ready to usher in the NEW YEAR? SUPER EXCITED…..COUNTDOWN….



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