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Here comes the bride…

Today is Saturday and it been a weekend the norm has been cleaning, watching movies, taking a nap, visiting friends or going out for an adventure. This was not the case 5-10 years ago.  The weekends back then were marked by weddings or dowry payments to the bride- to- be homestead.

As i sit and wonder, it has come to my attention that this year alone i have neither attended a wedding nor a dowry payment event. Moreover, counting the last time i attended one was in 2011! Damn, are people not getting married anymore? Are the wedding bills scaring them off? Is commitment becoming a problem?

The flower girl moments to been in the bridal party is all becoming vague.  That moment to buy a new dress to be all elegant, shop for a gift is dead. Maybe i need to look for a bunch of friends who will be inviting me to their friends weddings. Or maybe gate crush one…

Well if you need to get married and in need of funds i promise to be in the “harambee” committee just to ensure that a wedding happens.

Anyone getting married or attending a wedding? Count me in.

PS: 12th December is the jawbreaker. After waiting, i have been invited to a wedding.








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