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“Like a computer undergoes defragmentation, our lives get fragmented too. One situation tugs on our emotions while trying to concentrate on something else. Demands from every direction bombard us. We want to accomplish everything that needs to be done but our mind won’t stop and our body won’t start. Soon we begin to feel weary and useless.”

Not understanding is the beginning of learning and so does confusion the road to growth. One day you dreaming big, all the vim and vigor takes you to cloud 9 in a positive psyche. Planning, organizing and managing the tasks at hand gives you the needed capacity and empowerment to steer ahead. That energy is enough to drive you through the entire week.

Come the next week. The morale is dead, the thought of waking up dims your life, laziness takes over and you even feel as if you sick but literally you not. Walking like a zombie from one corner to other, thinking hard and trying to figure it out. You even take a pen and notebook with the hope that anything will pop up from that brain. But it doesn’t; instead the notebook becomes a drawing book like a two year old child training to draw for the first time.

“c’mon, c’mon, think, think,” you try to scratch your head off and they may suppose you going mad. They also go through the same once in a lifetime when life hits rock bottom but they have found the right armor to fight it.

Honey, you aren’t going to sit all day and waste your life out. No, even I won’t let that happen! It’s time to reduce the clutter to make you inhale and exhale in peace. We no heroes with magic to do it all at once but am telling you if we had them, hmm all hell would go loose. (The things I would do with them…)

Creating ideas, deleting others has been the power we have most. However, for that idea to prosper resources are needed, with one step at a time. The desire to have scattered pieces all over and not assembling them to something sensible shall be the ruin to many. Of course we told ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’ but as you put them in the so many baskets are they good for consumption or are they already rotten?

Reducing the speed at which you perform, letting incapability consume you, giving way to inefficiency and much more can only be solved by De-fragmenting your life.FRAGMENTATION Like a computer? I know you asking but yes like that gadget or machine. How?

Create space for new things by avoiding  storing up too much that is unnecessary in life through having a fresh mind, letting go of waste that we love holding up to dearly for reasons I do not know. Those memories from way back that never impacted us yet we usually venting it out to others needs to see the door.
If you cannot multi-task then leave it to the genius. Even that machine tires from been fed with so many commands at the same time. One step at a time, you not competing with anyone in this journey. It’s your cake unless you want others to eat it.
You can have anything but not everything. Aha! For example you can be rich, have anything you want but trust me you will never have everything. (Correct me if you think am wrong) This is because as much as you think you have it all there is always the push factor to accomplish more like you have not conquered it all yet. Demand, demand that is how we roll but start by demanding in small volumes and avoid the large chunks.
Recollect yourself and justify what you want. Stick the pieces together and identify your area of expertise. Jack of all trades only happens to the masters of the game.
De-fragmentation starts in 1,2……





Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.


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