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Mashujaa Day

The transition from celebrating an individual to appreciating others marked our calendars to this day. The day when heroes would be recognized from all corners of my motherland Kenya. From small to big, famous to the unknown we all have those we call a hero since they bring about positive impacts in our lives. Not that they have superpowers like spider-man and superman, but tirelessly dedicate their work through all they do, without expecting anything in return. Their actions have spoken louder.

Through determination, our freedom fighters fought for our independence. Their sacrifices saw many arrested, killed, tortured but they broke the chains of colonialism. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Dedan Kimathi, Tom Mboya, Bildad Kagia, Ronald Ngala among others steered this country to greater heights and today we cherish them.

Nobel prize winner the Late Wangari Maathai ensured the environment was sustainable for future generations. She denied access to grabbing of parks for construction, facilitated the Green Belt Movement and in her honor planting of trees was adopted. Her  famous quote, “I will be a hummingbird, i will do the best i can” left a great impact.

Our sportmen and women continue to fly the Kenyan flag higher. From athletes, rugby, javelin, swimming they have made us proud and showcased our love, unity, strength and yes they are our heroes.

Months to years, they left their homes, fought, died, survived. Bringing an end to terrorism our military soldiers embarked on a journey that reduced the attacks on our soil. More so, those left behind continued and still fight for us. Salute.

fallen soldiers
to our fallen soldiers

Art in music, acting, comedy, writing through creativity fostered the likes of Thomas Wesonga whose songs celebrate Kenya, Churchill the comedian who nurtured other comedians into the industry, Ngugi wa Thiong’o through their writing inspired many, not forgetting other artists in different platforms like records that ensure the talents of the young in singing are let out, actors and actresses who over time embraced our culture. And many more…hongera.

Who is my hero? Sincerely through my different interactions with people i cannot per say finger point who my hero is. Weird but am still figuring it out though in my self centered world am my hero. However, my hats off would be to the organizations and movements by the youth that continue to impact lives through poverty alleviation in worst hit areas, those that ensure the girl child has access to education by shaming early marriages, female genital mutilation, not forgetting the boy child from shackles of been radicalized into gangs, drug and alcohol abuse, ethnic clashes through cattle rustling.

Thumbs up to those that go into marginalized areas to bring out the best in them through talent search. For through them poetry, footballers, rappers, drawing, fashion designers pops up. Rise of the ghettos a reminder that it does not matter where you come from but indeed dreams are valid.

Media personalities who are never ashamed to let the cat out of the bag despite the risks, i cheer you. Their coverage been from all dimensions, they have helped Kenyans come together, generated help where needed and yes we have saved lives.

Kudos to my parents for showing me that parenthood is not an easy job. Through their sacrifices, determination they ensured that this lady over here( yuhuu) got the best in life. Instilled hard work, independence, prayer and values that guide me in my daily routine.

The list is long but I’ll stop there. To my fellow Kenyans, happy mashujaa day.happy mashujaaSo, who is your hero?

Ps: I might never have met her, yearning to meet her, but Amina Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs is my hero. Her braveness, intelligence to represent Kenya in different international venues is a big bravo. Driving us from point A-B, she deserves the hero tag.



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