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The Venusians

(Drums rolling…..) I know you all have been waiting to hear about women? Ooh yes after sharing the truth  about men and their communication, they have been waiting to hear of their opposite gender. This is from Gray’s book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus that really says it all. Here is my review. So, men listen up…..planetWomen are relationship oriented as they value love, communication, beauty. Supporting, helping and nurturing one another is what they do best since their fulfillment is satisfied through sharing and relating to each other. Rather than building highways, buildings (although in my nation they really coming up in real estates) their concern is more of community loving, cooperation and harmony.

Most of their energy is invested in personal growth, spirituality and everything that can nurture life, healing and growth. Even without been asked they like helping their fellow Venusian and this intuitive ability has developed through centuries. Parks, organic gardens, shopping centers and restaurants covers their world (no wonder those dates are usually in one of these places as they suggest so).

Now when it comes to stress they ain’t anything close to men who go to caves but speaking it out they know how. She will seek someone who she trusts and talk in great detail about her problems. She is not ashamed of them hell no…women egos are dependent not  on looking competent but being in loving relationships. (Aha, now you know why she talks, talks, talks or is it complain). Why?

  • To gather information
  • Create intimacy
  • Feel better and more centered when upset
  • Explore and discover what it is she wants to say

Cherishing a woman is her key point on giving her the much needed motivation. You wonder why all of a sudden she becomes compulsively responsible and exhausted from giving too much? She is not been cherished. However, when cared for and respected, she is fulfilled and has more to give as well.

When a woman loves……(she loves for real). They are tired of giving and want time off to explore, being themselves, care about themselves first (maybe that is where the slang “doing me” comes in). Someone to provide emotional support, not someone to take care of (they need a grown up man if you feeling me). As a woman matures she also learns new strategies for giving but major changes tends to be learning to set limits in order to receive what she wants. When she gives too much she tends to blame her partner for her unhappiness therefore feels the injustice of giving more than she has received. (You say she plays hard to get, maybe you not giving her what she wants).

Fear is also seen in them as they are afraid of receiving. Afraid of needing too much and then been rejected, judged or abandoned. (Do i need to explain that? No).

Men going into caves stresses women out but you can support a man in his cave by;

  • Not disapproving of his need for withdrawing
  • Not trying to help him solve his problems by offering solutions
  • Not trying to nurture him by asking questions about his feelings
  • Not sitting next to the door of his cave waiting for him to come out
  • Not worrying about him or feeling sorry for him
  • Doing something that makes you happy

Well, i think that explains it all. That is just my summary but if you want more of it, like always grab a copy or download one.

Ps: It’s the weekend have a good one.



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