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Vintage all the way

What are you driving? What is your dream car? Between the classics and the new school which one would you choose?

Cars….vroom vroom.. just the thought of buckling up your seat beat, letting that engine do the talking. No matter the cc, break horsepower, whether it consumes diesel, petrol, you love it. Pimping up we do from changing the rims, painting to a new color, changing the seats, adding more woofers to boom those songs, adding another exhaust and redecorating the interior.

I choose the classics any day all the way. They just have this oomph that makes you scream, melt and be dolled up since they are so unique and classy. Like i always say i hate uniformity. All roads pilled up with just one brand of car is just so boring, nothing to make you stop and marvel at a ride.

Concours d’elegance happens annually every last Sunday of September in my country. This is where all those oldschool mini coopers, volkswagen, citroen, bentley, alfa romeo, aston martin, rolls royce, MG GT, benz, jaguar, ford among others represent. This is one event i save up for since missing it just kills my morale. So, yes i attended, marveled, had fun, entertained and longing for next year.

Here is a couple of the classics:



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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