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Rejection- The Mother To Perfection

Digging into books, journals, internet was a habit that cropped as my thirst to more information was not quenched. The praise and excitements that followed from friends who believed i was good at it, to the lazy ones who handed over their research assignments at a fee of course to the lecturers who thought everyone wanted to be in Eva’s group for her good research skills (and they all depended on me to do the damn work)…am not bluffing but that how it was.  However, in my cocoon i was just doing my work at my level best.

Not till my friend got used to singing the same song day in day out that i needed to try my hands at freelance writing. The answer was always “will think of it”. This blog was not even my A thing but well, am here now pushing myself to keep it alive. To evade that song, i got down on it. Those who were in the business gave me a list of links to try on but nothing excited me. You see i had to write articles, wait for them to be approved for my account to be activated. For example, in Academia Edu one has to write with a certain referencing style like Chicago, Harvard, APA that i must admit even my language lecturer back in the days had a hard time letting them sink in but i survived.

The long awaited reply never came through and yes i had been warned(or is it discouraged) that it was not easy getting an account at That pain quickly faded away though the only thing that stood between me and writing was myself. Iwriter was the last account i ever opened. Starting at the standard level was the kick off point to climbing the elite and professionals ladder. Topics here were not what i expected and having to write for only 75% and above rated writers was what i looked for. I logged in, tried but whenever i saw a topic of interest and clicked on write, “oops keywords are in use, another writer beat you” replies was what i got.

Deactivating my account was the next thing on my mind and just as i was about to do so a certain topic struck me and as quick as possible wrote and submitted it. That was how i got my first pay online with a 3.5 star rating. My spirit skyrocketed to another level that i even forgot how hard it had been. My second article was also approved with a 5 star rating. Dollar dollar bill y’all. dollarHowever, that all changed with my 3rd article. In Iwriter, if you have a rating of 3.4 and below your account is banned. Your A game must be on point from the rest of the writers. My lucky number became my doom number. Three. It all vanished. What my buddy forgot to mention was that his first account got banned too but he never gave up and as i am writing this, he is among the best freelance writers i know of.

Thoughts bomber my mind if i should continue on this journey by opening another account on Iwriter. It all takes patience am told. My first rejection should not determine my fate but am going to use it to make it into perfection. Practice makes perfect. Time to think of plan D,E or which was it? Keep calm and hustle on.