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If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other” Mother Teresa.

I have a dream…my dream;

My dear pastoral communities shall not attack each other in the name of cattle enrichment but shall find avenues to get their livelihood from. Massacres by greed shall end and PEACE shall prevail.

Missing without a trace of young boys and girls shall not always start off the News. Youth radicalization into militia gangs like Al-Shabab, ISIS shall not wipe off an entire generation. Inhumanity, terror, greed shall not see our loved ones disappear, drop out of schools for the sake of killing.

Political parties and in-differences shall not divide nations in the name of opposition. This shall not be dictated to that nor will it spur war. Together we will find solutions to common problems.

Ethnicity shall not be the core of attraction in seeking for opportunities. Communities will not continue to spread venom and make others inferior. Vices like xenophobia and racism shall not tear us apart but bearing one another, fostering strong relationships shall unite us.

Corruption shall be fought to promote equality and not render groups to minorities and majorities. Resources shall be equally distributed, proper management accounted for and disputes shall be unheard of.

Nuclear wars will not be the weapons to fight each other and prove who is stronger than the other. Nations will not continue to strike aimlessly and record in books hatred that generations will pick up from. However PEACE shall be the tool to make amends meet.

Today is PEACE DAY. Regions continue to spread peace with the above vices and many more diminishing their goals towards peace. However, peace does not start from others but from within thy heart. It is not about telling it by word of mouth but taking action through little things to foster it.

It all starts with me and you.

Happy International Day of Peace.peace day


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