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Packing for him

When young, sexually active we carry condoms around in our handbags, back of his pocket just in case “shit happens” as we love saying. However when you get married or in a serious relationship that goes and the only shit happening is between a third party unless..(do not want to go there). That is when you decide on that safe mode of contraceptives and on monthly basis many shop for those condoms.

The trend is that when he is leaving for that job maybe for weeks or a month, women pack all his necessities then bang! When unpacking or maybe she gave it to you before leaving, a packet of condoms. My questions today are very simple.

Is it that you are aware he is going to cheat on you with a sexy lass? Temptations can be there and since you know very well it is better to play it safe than bring that STD or HIV/AIDS in the house. Moreover, you would not want to be shocked with a kid from that lady.

Secondly, is it a sign of mistrust? You no longer trust him and his behaviors and you putting him to the test.

Thirdly, you showing that you love and care but i wonder on what grounds.

We process information differently and what she said is not what he said. Looking at it from a man’s perspective of course he thinks you know, encouraging him that it is alright to have sex outside marriage or the relationship and that you never trust him or you love them.

Am no psychiatrist to know why but maybe women, ladies can answer this. Which is which? Or would you dare pack condoms for him?



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One thought on “Packing for him

  1. I have nothing of value to add to this conversation because honestly, it would never ever occur to me to pack condoms for my husband. I simply wouldn’t think of that as a possibility and I trust him to uphold our vows and remain faithful. However, I LOVE the fact that you’ve brought up this discussion because not all relationships are the same as mine and it’s important to have these conversations.

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