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Sheep cookies

i love the art here and that recipe amazing

Chef in disguise

Eid is just around the corner and when you’re an expat living away from your friends and family you need to go the extra mile to help everyone (especially the kids) get into the spirit of Eid.

My kids love crafts,so we all decided to make our own decorations this year. We made some banners, mini flags and we decorated a tray that we filled with little giveaways. The kids will take the giveaway tray to school to give to their classmates and teachers the day before Eid

eid banners

You can find the printables and the step by step instructions for making the banners here

eid flags

The printables and the instructions for the mini flags (you can also use them as cupcake toppers or as straw decorations)can be found here 

Eid giveaway tray

and the step by step instructions for  making the giveaway tray can be found  here
Red tag eid tablesetup

The best part is, you can…

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