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Audit your Brand

Today’s task on blogging 201 required bloggers to change their themes, widgets in short do more of customizing. If you have been checking my blog every now and then i change widgets, add things up and on a monthly basis change themes to avoid routine and spice it up. Branding attracts followers, readers and makes you focused on the main goal of your blog. Yesterday we wrote three goals and branding is one for many so get down on it. However, as for the task am not changing anything for now and that is where auditing other bloggers blog comes in.

Starting, running and managing a blog is not an easy step and i had to work mine behind the scenes before publishing it to the world to see. So far i feel like a geek and am amazed at myself. Helping a fellow blogger is what i have been up to today on the blogging 201 site where auditing is taking place. I have interacted with a few on what needs to be done, changed, added and to those with amazing blogs the thumbs up have been awarded appropriately. Here are a few blogs that i got the time to audit:

All said and done, cheers to everyone and continue auditing your brand.