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Live your Life

I know this will hurt a knuckle but am letting it off.

So yes i go to church on Sundays but not all times as my moods puzzle in the go or not go switch. In fact i pray when i wake up, when a meal is presented to me and when retiring to bed but again not all the times since at times i might doze off only to say my Amen in the morning. It is not that i do not know the High one but if He were here with the i love you,thank you i say to Him, His face would be all dolled up with the kisses, hugs, hi-fives to mention but a few.

I struggle reading my Bible however the daily bread makes me go stronger in perusing those pages. Am not the type to hit you up with a verse just to remind you with the “it is written’ sayings neither do i read those long texts on my Whats App telling me if i forward it to 10 or so people a miracle is happening in the next minutes.For shizzle that ain’t me. I also do not go about yapping what the Lord has done to my life on my Facebook wall but if you want to know it reflects itself and when need be will let  you know asap.

Hillsong, Don Moen, Mary Mary, Lenny Leblanc among others, their worship, slow songs are the kind i love listening to. Moreover i love my classics, old-school and hip-hop songs that my humming,shaking it off will never end Anything hilarious, drama, action is what my eyes love to watch not forgetting when it comes to books the inspiration, fiction and non-fiction genre suits me. Well, the term “i am saved” is used by everyone that its meaning no longer fits in.

With the rising numbers of fake pastors, fake churches full of greed i would rather stick to that am well acquainted with and hopping from one venue to another, am satisfied with what is within me. Condemning messages are preached every Sunday that my mind asks out loud “are there no encouraging sermons these days?” Then there are those preachers who make it more lively with reality but on a twisted edge and they make you want to go to church everyday since they are well familiar with what you going through and tell you what needs to be done. (more of an angel sent directly to you)

Every christian has their way of prayer, worship and communication with the Almighty. I do not tell it all but He alone knows. So there are those with the “holier than thou” tag who never let sinners sleep and never pray for them to change. Instead all they do is condemn making the list to Heaven short. Sit one day with someone who has never gone to church and ask them why. live it

That said, my moral lesson is learn to live your life and never be swayed.



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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