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Cooling things off

That was probably a superb week where information by passed me but in the process learnt from the surroundings, less internet, was totally detached from my baby (my machine since my pal has not yet found that cool name from my neighboring east African country), bothered less of my phone, the heat I mean the temperatures were beyond the ordinary that sleeping, walking drained the energy out of me. On a serious note, el-nino rains come to the rescue not to destroy but cool and clear the dust in this part of the Sahara where green is unheard of.

Farming…but not me, them; mine was just to relax, see the many cows, goats and poultry at disposal. Fresh cow milk that preparing tea didn’t require one pouring a full jelican of water to make it enough for everyone to sip, goat milk that I got to know is good for cancer patients since it has got a lot of immunity in it…hmm…try it out. Eggs…though I hate cooked ones I preferred doing the toasts.

This is the life am craving for like now!! Forget the noise, pollution, hullabaloo that makes you want to go gaga but serene place like a ranch. In mine I want a horse or two. Back to farming…dry feed is the best to give to animals that you know from the borrowed agriculture moreover making silage to last even on dry spells and adding molasses to spice that meal is what every cow and goat deserves to give you the ultimate milk. (At times the molasses smells like malt liquor and you hope one day to see a drunk animal…)Chaff cutter is another machine you need since you do not want to tire your labor men with all the cutting but be ready for that electricity bill. Milking gadgets also need to be added to that list of equipment’s, have sufficient resources to keep up and do not only rely on milk or eggs to give you income but use manure too. When in excess sell it, who doesn’t want animal dung to grow their veggies or crops? Enough about farming for now.

So today am back home to mama and papa since my two chipmunks (brothers) as I call them are far away in their unis. Boredom begins! This is where I sleep, do as my mind says and get back to the other me. On missing information it came to my attention that I missed the writing 101 when I stumbled on posts through email notifications! Damn it I must have said however the blogging 201 starts tomorrow and am all eager for the branding and growth segment. To my luck the rules clearly stated you could not be in the writing 101 and still do blogging 201. One had to choose one so yippee I did not actually miss all of it did I? All ready and geared up.

Man, men and snoring especially when walls have ears. It is the booze, too much meat or a health disorder? Am going to be finding out and tell my old man to loosen up a bit. In the meantime, walls block it up for me I need this sleep.