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Ownership of Development

Development. Hmm, did you at one time initiate a development project on your own or as a group only for the trouble to be in terms of funds? Most of the times we come up with crazy, unique ideas but the independence vigor has not yet cropped into us. We so dependent that sacrificing our own sources of funds in a no and manna is all we wait for.

country ownership
country ownership

Debts have continued to been incurred by nations, individuals, organizations because the huge chunk of money incurred cannot be paid off. As a development mania am proud of Egypt. Yes, I have always craved touring the country to see the great pyramids, tombs, red sea and a mummy if there is any left.

The commitment, participation of the population in this country is one to admire, learn and borrow from. They did not wait for donors, other nations to chip in their agendas but steer-headed it to build the biggest canal familiar to the Suez Canal. They came together, contributed $8.5b, manpower of 43,000 workers and the construction deemed to take 3 years was completed only in a year. Wow! Got to say that is the spirit we all need in whatever we do. Their trade, economic growth, infrastructure, transport will surely double up and the message I can think of is…watch out for this space.

I won’t say much. However, if we all incorporate passion, collaboration, unity, love, creativity, innovation, self-esteem, drop down our pride and egos, then we do not have to worry of taking ownership our own developments, where the funds will come from, how debts will be paid off; but prove to ourselves and those around us that indeed we can.



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