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its not about kicking the sheets and waking up

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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve my morning routine.  I find that some days, I start off slow, while others I hit the ground running.  I think a big difference in my day has been posting this list of questions on my wall next to my bed.  I’ve found that it really helps me start the day energized, motivated, and feeling alive on the inside.  Here is my list, and I’d love to hear about your morning routine and daily questions in the comments!

Questions to feel grateful:

1) What do I love about myself? What are my strengths and what makes me unique?

2) How am I lucky in my life and what privileges do I have?

3) What is great in my life right now?

4) What have others done for me lately that I could be grateful for?

5) What could I be…

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