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Karma ain’ no bitch! Y’all be thinking am crazy but spare me. Talking ‘bout the aura, destiny, fate, what you sow is what you reap kinda talk ha! I dunno any man who planted maize only for them to harvest beans! Nada. Zero.

So why do we love saying that Karma is a bitch? What goes around comes back around for sure just like Justin Timberlake sung.what goes around comes back around We never learn and that is why we love repeating mistakes to a point they have branded us. I think they do tire too if at all they would speak and shout out loud “not again, you fool!”

Either we take a mistake so lightly or our egos never give us room to learn from. Man is to error but there are avoidable failures. You do not leave a worse case to dive into a worst one unless something is really wrong with thy psychology or you get served what you deserve.

We get hurt by others, they lie in our faces and their actions lead to pain. Revenge has always been in our minds but the law of karma says never hate anyone, continue doing good, walk away if need be and let karma finish it.

karma clenseOnly you determines how your destiny will be by the choices we make in our daily routines. Whether you love doing what you do be it positive or negative, at the end of the day it all narrows down to you. Doesn’t matter if the crowded bus has all your friends, colleagues, relatives who navigate your life.

Learn to trust your inner guts, conscience most of the times as they direct you into paths that are correct. If things don’t go as planned, revisit them and drive them into the right channel to produce the needed output. Leave the rest to God to determine your fate or destiny.

Blame game needs to stop. Leave karma alone.

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