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If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other” Mother Teresa.

I have a dream…my dream;

My dear pastoral communities shall not attack each other in the name of cattle enrichment but shall find avenues to get their livelihood from. Massacres by greed shall end and PEACE shall prevail.

Missing without a trace of young boys and girls shall not always start off the News. Youth radicalization into militia gangs like Al-Shabab, ISIS shall not wipe off an entire generation. Inhumanity, terror, greed shall not see our loved ones disappear, drop out of schools for the sake of killing.

Political parties and in-differences shall not divide nations in the name of opposition. This shall not be dictated to that nor will it spur war. Together we will find solutions to common problems.

Ethnicity shall not be the core of attraction in seeking for opportunities. Communities will not continue to spread venom and make others inferior. Vices like xenophobia and racism shall not tear us apart but bearing one another, fostering strong relationships shall unite us.

Corruption shall be fought to promote equality and not render groups to minorities and majorities. Resources shall be equally distributed, proper management accounted for and disputes shall be unheard of.

Nuclear wars will not be the weapons to fight each other and prove who is stronger than the other. Nations will not continue to strike aimlessly and record in books hatred that generations will pick up from. However PEACE shall be the tool to make amends meet.

Today is PEACE DAY. Regions continue to spread peace with the above vices and many more diminishing their goals towards peace. However, peace does not start from others but from within thy heart. It is not about telling it by word of mouth but taking action through little things to foster it.

It all starts with me and you.

Happy International Day of Peace.peace day

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Packing for him

When young, sexually active we carry condoms around in our handbags, back of his pocket just in case “shit happens” as we love saying. However when you get married or in a serious relationship that goes and the only shit happening is between a third party unless..(do not want to go there). That is when you decide on that safe mode of contraceptives and on monthly basis many shop for those condoms.

The trend is that when he is leaving for that job maybe for weeks or a month, women pack all his necessities then bang! When unpacking or maybe she gave it to you before leaving, a packet of condoms. My questions today are very simple.

Is it that you are aware he is going to cheat on you with a sexy lass? Temptations can be there and since you know very well it is better to play it safe than bring that STD or HIV/AIDS in the house. Moreover, you would not want to be shocked with a kid from that lady.

Secondly, is it a sign of mistrust? You no longer trust him and his behaviors and you putting him to the test.

Thirdly, you showing that you love and care but i wonder on what grounds.

We process information differently and what she said is not what he said. Looking at it from a man’s perspective of course he thinks you know, encouraging him that it is alright to have sex outside marriage or the relationship and that you never trust him or you love them.

Am no psychiatrist to know why but maybe women, ladies can answer this. Which is which? Or would you dare pack condoms for him?

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Audit your Brand

Today’s task on blogging 201 required bloggers to change their themes, widgets in short do more of customizing. If you have been checking my blog every now and then i change widgets, add things up and on a monthly basis change themes to avoid routine and spice it up. Branding attracts followers, readers and makes you focused on the main goal of your blog. Yesterday we wrote three goals and branding is one for many so get down on it. However, as for the task am not changing anything for now and that is where auditing other bloggers blog comes in.

Starting, running and managing a blog is not an easy step and i had to work mine behind the scenes before publishing it to the world to see. So far i feel like a geek and am amazed at myself. Helping a fellow blogger is what i have been up to today on the blogging 201 site where auditing is taking place. I have interacted with a few on what needs to be done, changed, added and to those with amazing blogs the thumbs up have been awarded appropriately. Here are a few blogs that i got the time to audit:

All said and done, cheers to everyone and continue auditing your brand.

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About tattoos

coz i’ve been thinking about them too and not been judged

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Sheep cookies

i love the art here and that recipe amazing

Chef in disguise

Eid is just around the corner and when you’re an expat living away from your friends and family you need to go the extra mile to help everyone (especially the kids) get into the spirit of Eid.

My kids love crafts,so we all decided to make our own decorations this year. We made some banners, mini flags and we decorated a tray that we filled with little giveaways. The kids will take the giveaway tray to school to give to their classmates and teachers the day before Eid

eid banners

You can find the printables and the step by step instructions for making the banners here

eid flags

The printables and the instructions for the mini flags (you can also use them as cupcake toppers or as straw decorations)can be found here 

Eid giveaway tray

and the step by step instructions for  making the giveaway tray can be found  here
Red tag eid tablesetup

The best part is, you can…

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