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Turning The Pages Blogging 101; Day 11- Prompt

Well, well, well what do we have here? Prompt day? Today’s challenge been picking a prompt and personalizing it on your own kick starts my blogging 101 this week. Decided to settle on turn turn turn since that is what am likely doing now.

Page 1…page 50….page 25…page, page, page but it all seems like am at page 1! Turning through the Webuye product of  paper all scribbled neatly, in bold, capital, underlined and all other effects to emphasize on certain concepts keep me glued like a zombie. Not that am perplexed but what was that again i read on that page? Then i turn again to it to clarify matters that could turn the pages in my life.

Each step in life am turning and doing more of turning deciding on which to turn next and which not to turn back into. The headlights are bold in case of poor sight, italicized just if i want to add style to it, numbered not to miss any step, different ink to avoid confusion and a couple of references to guide me.

A stretch away is my sweet bed that i rarely share if you come visiting. Am not mean do not judge, but in it i turn when dreaming, contemplating on something, when am all excited and goofy and during those chatting hours on phone to get a glimpse of a strong network connection.

My bed is whispering and i have to ponder over today’s pages. Tomorrow is another day to turn yet another page.