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Exam Marathon

(Crow, crow), the rooster which is my alarm sound wakes me up. It is time to read am reminded but my heavy eyes seduce me with “go back to sleep” look. “Wash my face or just get down on it” are the questions that I frequently ask myself before jumping out of bed. My study table is scattered with books, handouts not forgetting the forwarded notes by lecturers on my laptop (sigh). The only time it is this hectic are when exams are a mile away. Exams!

The positive side is you read to understand, not cram and if it doesn’t sink in you cross your fingers it is not examined. Moreover, one becomes anxious that university hustles are almost done and start minding other businesses. The only sad part about exams is when they are twisted, make you go mad and having to do a supplementary! That really sucks.

However, the success only lies in being calm, not been over confident, rest (peace of mind is needed), having revision questions (at times they make one feel as though they not putting all their effort), group discussions (they are a total reminder), setting personal goals and prayer (miracles do happen).

My next two weeks are surely going to be the longest days. This is when I feel like I should be a time traveler and just rush the days (if wishes were horses…). I will just take it easy, do them as they come and after that unwind to the maximum.

The weekend was all about relaxing after two weeks laundry was washed (never store dirty clothes for that long it is exhausting), watched a couple of movies with my brothers and had a recap of my favorite car segment Top Gear (the things a mania does. Am starting all over from season 1). Today being on a Sunday I joined other Christians at Church and spent the better part of the afternoon hanging out with a friend. Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Blogging 101, reading through posts, reblogging, liking and commenting will surely help as a resting therapy so am not pausing on that unless if am really tired and my fingers cannot take it.

Am off.