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Spreading the Love; Be a good neighbour Blogging101 Day8

Love thy neighbor we often told, say or do.Today’s challenge been reading 4 blogs and leaving a comment i decided to go about on bloggers i follow but i have never commented on their posts. This is also to remind me that it is not about following for the sake but getting to learn from them. It all begins here at my blog before exploring others.

  1. It started in Oxford is a blog by Chloe who really loves travelling. She posts of her adventures where food, shopping, lifestyle are discussed. The fascinating episodes are when she lets you know of places to visit, things to try out and Ten things that made me happy this week is a post that has made me smile..the washing machine shredded her bra..that is funny
  2. Words can inspire the world by Megan Elizabeth. After not been in the blogging world for quite sometime, she comes back with a bang. Her post Officially Homeowners takes you through her journey of furnishing her house. Trying to put everything in order is quite a task but i love the way the house lights up and the creative artwork she tries to put up together with Josh. So spacious and beautiful.
  3. Continuing with M.E is a blog by Sinead who as M.E implies suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. However she does not let it hinder her abilities as her post Working with M.E proves it. She is optimistic, grateful, full of energy and in it she has found things to enjoy. Very inspirational
  4. It feels good to connect with someone from my country more so from sharing the same culture. In his poetry world generaliregi on Romance of five clouds and magical poetry writes his heart out in a linguistic manner not minding of his mother tongue.Riria Ihinda ria kinyire is a post i have loved, well related to since it is in my mother tongue