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Perfect personalization (Blogging101: day 7)

“Watch me whip, watch me nae nae” ooh yes that is the song am cranking up to after finishing this challenge. I never actually did my theme personalizing and today am super excited since i have really gathered a lot of information.

First things first, am in love with the Edda Theme. It is so catchy, breathtaking more so when it looks like old newspaper in a post only to just let the cursor on the featured image to really see the normal color. After trying out grey zed, argent and choco my satisfaction was not met. All because they would highlight all the posts make it lengthily and super boring to me. Not till Edda came through and shortened things for me and included my widgets, menus in one menu. Super awesome don’t think am to change it any time soon.

Today i customized my theme and included a header image. A crafted boat in water to showcase how my ideas flow. It can be stormy and calm but the boat still continues with its destination. My heading; Sentiments and my world changed into Lobuster 2 that got an artistic writing that resembles a calligraphy, as i write up in style,  font being regular and size as huge.

Linux OS been my crave has Ubuntu in it and when i saw it as a base font i picked it. It matches with the lobuster 2 thus making my writing rhyme. The font size is normal.

Backgrounds tell much about a blog and the wave fusion consisting of purple, pink, green colors representing how am to connect my views into the developing world. An added logo of the bubbly me making me even more thrilled.

From the few palettes around i settled on pink so as not make it look all dull since the bubbly me loves bright colors. Not forgetting my added widget to my blog, memorable moments comprising of my gallery pictures. More of that coming soon.

Now you can visit my blog



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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