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Basketball comes to life

We all have a favorite sport that we would not want to miss if tournaments were around the corner; you might also be in a team doing your thing. Football, marathons, basketball, rugby, golf, swimming name them make us travel to play or cheer, bet, sit all day watching from our screens and the rules of the game are at our fingertips. More interesting we know the songs used to celebrate, tactics used, best players, best teams that we would not want to support the losing teams at all times.

basketball gear
basketball gear

Basketball is my game. Having learnt it when I was growing up in a hood where the male gender was more than that of the female, I would sit, watch and learn. No coach taught me the game but their dedicated play helped me learn.

However, have you ever asked yourself if the game rules could apply in life? Yes they can as I figured out when I was taking my shower. Aha, that is how the idea popped up, in the bathroom! I’ll use some of the basketball terms and rules as that is the only game am acquainted with.

Court: This is the field where all action takes place. A center stage where to practice, unwind, make goals is a must have. A you alone place that sets the mood right to conquer those dreams.

Dribble: The ball is held in a manner that helps it bounce back. No tapping is allowed. You are in charge of your life by holding it in a way that helps you foresee it bear fruits.

Grip: Players must hold onto the ball firmly without dropping it. More of having glue-hands…Dreams, visions, missions must never be loosely held. Never let go of them but let them stick at the back of your mind, fingertips to make that score.

Basket: A score in the game is known as a basket. Only shooting as many of them helps a team go to the next level. Are you making many baskets? If not, start now.

basketball court
basketball court

Lay up: That 1, 2 sequence when making a basket is key and if wrongly done can overrule that score. Having chronological steps in life is also important. This acts as a guideline on how to navigate and make the right scores.

Pin: Blocking that opponent so as not to make a basket or pass the ball to the next team player is what makes the game more thrilling. At times we compete in our field of expertise, studies, even businesses compete by branding, packaging their products. The trick here is to be smart and unique.

Defense: Protecting the opponent’s goal area keeps players alert. The same way one has got to shield their ideas, goals in life so that one does not snatch them away and outdo you.

Re-bound: (Not that one of relationships and intimacy…if you know what I mean) When that basket is not made, team mates wait in awe to bounce the ball back to the rim. If you do not accomplish that mission, you do not let it go to waste but get back on it till you make it.

2 pointer, 3 pointer: This are strategic positions on the court where baskets can be made. The 3 pointer however is more advanced since 3 points are awarded. No matter how close or far you are, with the right aim, you can fulfill it. Distance should never be a barrier.

Point, forward, center guards: Selfishness is not advocated and that is why players work as a team always passing the ball. No man is an island that is why you need to bring others on board to help you steer your mission when stuck.

guardsDunk: I love it when tall dudes swing with the rim and while on it make that basket. That is a cool way of making a statement. You have to hit them up in style. Put your swag on and represent in this adventurous life journey.

Dead ball: When that ball hits any corner out the board, you ask if the player is thinking straight. Where is the focus? Aha, life is not just about hitting any corner but having the right corner with the needed focus.

Violations: They are also many but only 3 will relate, walk, back pass and time;

Walk: It is always about motion, setting the pace, speed and that is why if you slow down and think you in a park, you aren’t playing but walking. A race, journey is what defines my thinking of life. One needs to be quick in how to do things and laziness is a no. Yes, you are in a race not with anyone but yourself. Can I finish a task before a deadline? Can I maneuver between piles of work and accomplish them all? Speed up and catch up.

Back pass: This is passing the ball back across the mid court. The players should always pass the ball forward without thinking of going back. How many times do we like going back be it in our past failures, past relationships that hinder our forward match? Like a player, do not hesitate to look back but move ahead. Forget what is behind you and build on the present.

Time: 3 seconds in the D, 5 seconds to pass the ball…all this are restrictions on time reminding players that you have no time in the world to dilly dally. Time is money and each second wasted counts so, do not foul yourself that you got all the time to do this and that. Instead, let each task done be well accounted for.

Fouls: There are many fouls in the game like charging, blocking, foul language, personal (hitting, pushing) and many more that penalties are given. These are mostly triggered by tension, anger, frustrations. Let us be real, in life we commit fouls especially when people provoke us or when something goes wrong and we want to let it out on others. The penalties always have a way of unfolding that we wish we had not committed the foul in the first place. Keep calm, relax, breath in and out.

playersDamn, I feel like a coach already! You got any basketball rule or term you think can add to my list? Will be glad to know them just leave a comment. To make it even more interesting, are you a sport mania of any other game that you can coin the rules and terms to something crispy? Game on, share it.