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Who I am and why i’m here

Write, write, and write. However, not on paper like the old days where they would be stashed and no one would actually read them but on a blog. Yes, on a blog for the world to see. “What name will I give it, where will I concentrate on, how do I even know how to put the widgets, themes, menus etc. in place?” Those were the questions I asked myself 2months ago. “ I can do this,” I frequently told myself and that is how I got down on it with no guru needed, I made my blog.

Sentiments was born. The name came from the general ideas, views and opinions that surround me almost on a daily basis. As a development studies student much of steering societies, economies and nations at large comes from thinking out loud. Not mumbling them and keeping them to myself initiated the site tag line as my world.

Development is a big field as you will come to see from personal, community, national all broken down in the tags and categories forum. Each day is a learning day as bloggers get creative and sharing content makes me put more energy on my writing to make it my second career. More so, interacting with other bloggers make it more fun as I get a glimpse of their nations, cultures, ideas and views on other sectors.

Am looking forward to connect with as many writers as possible further more in the development aspects that will help my career go a notch higher, have so many buddies, network and be part of this community, use my blog as a tool for others to learn from and share their opinions ;not forgetting the blogging challenge. So far so

Follow, comment, like and rate my articles.

Blogging 101, am in!



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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