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Healthy Self-Image

How do you overcome a poor self-image and start living healthy? Earlier in Zig Ziglar’s See You At The Top book, I took you through causes of poor self- image and now we focus on how to rectify that.

Join the smile and compliment club: When you smile at someone and they smile back, you feel better and it definitely increases your face value. The most destitute person in the world is the one without a smile.

Take inventory: You are a rare, exclusive, different and unique being on the face of this earth. These qualities give you enormous value since common sense demands it, science explains it and the Bible verifies it.

Be careful of your associates: Associate with people of a high moral character who look on the bright side of life and the benefits will be large. You acquire much of the thinking, mannerisms and characteristics of the people around you.

Do something for someone else: Visit the aged, someone in hospital, bake a cake for an invalid. If you do something for someone who is unable to return the favor, you will get a lot more than you possibly give.

Make up-dress up-go up: Try and go for that facial, make up, shop for those cute fashions around. Well even the old do this to make them feel good about themselves. The outward appearance does affect your image and your performance.

Make a list of your positive qualities: Put them on a card and keep it as a handy reference. Get in your corner and brag on yourself from time to time.

Listen to speakers, teachers and preachers: This are people who build mankind with the wise teachings they utter on daily basis.

Learn from successful failures: The likes of Henry Ford, Walt Disney were broke several times before making it. Abraham Lincoln for example was known for his failures but nobody considered him a failure. The major difference between the big shot and the little shot is that the big shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting.

Things to avoid: Horoscopes that people read with the view that they do not believe in them, well, the truth is that you will become fatalistic in it. Pornography once viewed is recorded in the mind permanently, it either builds and prepares you for the future or tears down and reduces your accomplishments.

Build your self-image with series of short steps: Take everything in small steps with no fear. One reason many people never attempt new things is their fear of failure.

Make a victory list: This reminds you of your past success. It should include those things that gave you the most satisfaction and confidence from childhood to present times. Remember many of the qualities so vital for balanced success.

Read Horatio Alger’s stories: These are biographies and autobiographies of men and women of every race, creed and color who used what they had and got a great deal out of life by making contributions to life.

Look you and them in the eye: There are many people who are unaware of other person’s reaction to people who avoid eye contact. Start by looking at yourself in front of a mirror then concentrate on looking your peer group and associates at a lesser position in the eye at every opportunity. This gives you even more confidence which is to look everybody you meet or greet directly in the eye.

Join an organization with worthwhile goals: This gives you an opportunity to participate by speaking. Majority express themselves well in private conversation but are frozen with fright at thought of standing up and making a speech to a group.

Alter your physical appearance when possible, practical and desirable: For example, an obese person can engage in a weight loss practice, a tomboy can start by getting those adorable dresses and heels. This makes one feel good and uplifts their confidence thus boosting their self-image.

All said, it is time to do it. Go out there and let them see for who you really are.IMG_20150721_085257