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Every time the government introduces a vaccination or immunization there never lacks a push and pull factor between religious institutions and the government. Are the beliefs so important than lives of our dear ones? So would it be okay for one to suffer poliomyelitis in the name of religion? Is it that we have let the beliefs define us? Do not get me wrong but why would you object this positive directive? Someone kindly answer me!

Traditional ways of doing things have cost development a lot and it is the high time to open up our eyes and see. We cannot run away from our cultures and one cannot always say yes to everything. That no changes everything for the best at times.

The sources of this vaccinations have always been the center of the heated debates. All in the name of causing harm and not for beneficial purposes. Really??? Parents continue to hide their loved ones and bar them from been immunized. We have seen how this ends with death and disabilities that cannot be accounted for. The bold victims who suffer from various illnesses due to lack of immunization always wish they had received that vaccination.

Reducing child mortality, preventing disability cases, curbing outbreak of diseases and ensuring a healthy safe environment are the largest benefits out of immunization.

Polio immunization is set to begin from 1st-5th August with the aim of door-door campaigns. Targeting children under the age of 5 years the oral polio vaccine administered protects a child’s life. It enters the body through the mouth, food or water contaminated with faecal material from an infected person. The virus multiplies in the body and once excreted as faeces by an infected person the virus is passed to others. It greatly affects the nervous system causing paralysis.

As the government and Ministry of Health continue to create awareness on the importance of the immunization with assurance of a safe vaccine, let us embrace the initiative and not close our doors. Take that child for immunization and prevent polio.

Ps: Tetanus was also to be administered but how that connects to infertility am yet to confirm.