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Blogging Events Blogging101; Day 13

Events bring people of same interests together by how we complement each other and how well we equipped at what we got. After going through a couple of events and what they entail, i felt like choosing almost everything but the time duration of each challenge had me to narrow on a few.

Let us be honest, let us be real. Beating about the bush really pisses me off and would love it if people would just tell the plain truth as it is. No matter how joyful or hurtful it maybe, it is simply my perspective and that is why a monthly topic will be submitted at Hitting the nail on the head.

Booking it with 6 books this year is a great achievement considering i have been lagging behind in that sector. From drama, poetry, fiction, non-fiction all from different authors in different countries will add to my tasting. That exchange book thing and borrowing will come in handy. It all goes down here, bring back my A game in a year

Music is food to my soul. It is one of the best ways to unwind since in them words are coined like poetry and they tell us what we feel. From old school to new lyrics the listening begins on Wednesday Lyrics

Days turn to weeks, weeks to months and each new month we look forward to a lot of credible things. That month look ahead thing of what is expected to happen, happens here

Moving from corner A-Z is what everyone wants. Just to discover new places, learn and fall in love with them. That is where monthly travels challenge comes in. Looking up to that

Pictures are worth a thousand words but can you crack what it portrays and write about it? The photo prompt got me thinking, hmm time to get into a photographer’s mind and look at it from their angle.

You have any cooler event you think might catch my attention and join in. Hit me up.

That’s about it for now.

PS: Am searching for a car only event? Any clue?blogging101

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Artist creates fantastic arts in eggshells

artistic work in a shell. Aha, you can take it and do it from any comfort zone you prefer


As a child you may have played painting eggshells at Easter, while dreaming of the bunny. But this Turkish artist took the idea to a new level, creating true works of art on these surfaces. Each painting is done carefully inside the eggs after a portion of the shell is broken. Many of the designs created by  Süreyya Noyan are recreations of famous paintings or architectural masterpieces such as The Scream. To compose the pieces in such detail, the artist uses precise brushes and special pens for drawing, using the egg as a blank canvas.

Artist creates fantastic arts in eggshells

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Turning The Pages Blogging 101; Day 11- Prompt

Well, well, well what do we have here? Prompt day? Today’s challenge been picking a prompt and personalizing it on your own kick starts my blogging 101 this week. Decided to settle on turn turn turn since that is what am likely doing now.

Page 1…page 50….page 25…page, page, page but it all seems like am at page 1! Turning through the Webuye product of  paper all scribbled neatly, in bold, capital, underlined and all other effects to emphasize on certain concepts keep me glued like a zombie. Not that am perplexed but what was that again i read on that page? Then i turn again to it to clarify matters that could turn the pages in my life.

Each step in life am turning and doing more of turning deciding on which to turn next and which not to turn back into. The headlights are bold in case of poor sight, italicized just if i want to add style to it, numbered not to miss any step, different ink to avoid confusion and a couple of references to guide me.

A stretch away is my sweet bed that i rarely share if you come visiting. Am not mean do not judge, but in it i turn when dreaming, contemplating on something, when am all excited and goofy and during those chatting hours on phone to get a glimpse of a strong network connection.

My bed is whispering and i have to ponder over today’s pages. Tomorrow is another day to turn yet another page.

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Which Fingers to press in case of pain?

am trying it now. Try it too


From time to time medical science developed, but many people from ancient time believed that most of the body’s illness comes from disharmony inside from the body. That disharmony can be achieved through bad diet, bad habits, and poor thoughts. Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is an ancient art of mending from Japan, uses certain pressure finger points to create harmony again in your body.

Using the image below, you can find the right fingers to put pressure on to help relieve certain symptoms in your body.

which fingers to press in case of pain

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Pay attention when you are selecting Plastic Bottle

i always saw labels but never actually knew what they meant till someone wrote it and i got to learn from it. Check your bottle today.


Choosing water in plastic bottles, as well as buying different foods or beverages in plastic packaging, be sure to pay attention to the bottom of the bottle or carton. It is here that all the necessary information about the type of plastic from which the packaging is made. Some of the types of plastic can be safe, while others can harm your health. Plastic bottle label always contain a record of it from a type of plastic they are made. And this information is very important. In the end, any plastic bottle releases chemicals into the contents of varying degrees of risk.

Pay attention when you are selecting plastic bottle

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