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Blogging Events Blogging101; Day 13

Events bring people of same interests together by how we complement each other and how well we equipped at what we got. After going through a couple of events and what they entail, i felt like choosing almost everything but the time duration of each challenge had me to narrow on a few.

Let us be honest, let us be real. Beating about the bush really pisses me off and would love it if people would just tell the plain truth as it is. No matter how joyful or hurtful it maybe, it is simply my perspective and that is why a monthly topic will be submitted at Hitting the nail on the head.

Booking it with 6 books this year is a great achievement considering i have been lagging behind in that sector. From drama, poetry, fiction, non-fiction all from different authors in different countries will add to my tasting. That exchange book thing and borrowing will come in handy. It all goes down here, bring back my A game in a year

Music is food to my soul. It is one of the best ways to unwind since in them words are coined like poetry and they tell us what we feel. From old school to new lyrics the listening begins on Wednesday Lyrics

Days turn to weeks, weeks to months and each new month we look forward to a lot of credible things. That month look ahead thing of what is expected to happen, happens here

Moving from corner A-Z is what everyone wants. Just to discover new places, learn and fall in love with them. That is where monthly travels challenge comes in. Looking up to that

Pictures are worth a thousand words but can you crack what it portrays and write about it? The photo prompt got me thinking, hmm time to get into a photographer’s mind and look at it from their angle.

You have any cooler event you think might catch my attention and join in. Hit me up.

That’s about it for now.

PS: Am searching for a car only event? Any clue?blogging101