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Poor Self- Image

Poor self-image is a syndrome that affects many of us. Lack of believing in us and viewing ourselves as minorities, outlines how our future will be. In our day- to – day activities we bump into people who neither appreciate themselves nor consider themselves as been of any importance. At times, I feel like slapping such a person if I had the guts to, so as to awake them out of that slumber land and make them see how good, wonderful, important they are.

See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar is a book that has taken me a notch higher. I LOVE it. This is the kind of author I would read his books any time. Truth be told as hard as it is; I like facts. Well he discussed poor self-image causes in an in depth manner that grabbing a copy would do for you.

Am going to be sharing my summarized points from Ziglar’s book on causes of poor self-image;

Unrealistic and unfair comparison of experiences: How many times do we meet people who are really good at something better than we do? Many times. You even start wishing you were like them. Too bad you aren’t. We fail to fathom that experience has nothing to do with ability and our self-image declines.

Physical appearance: You are fat, thin, small, tall comments on how we look really demeans one’s value. If at all in my life I would go about listening to people telling me am short, then I would have died long time ago. But I did not. Those mean jeers really hurt and if you the type that goes about criticizing others appearances, kindly stop it! Someone somewhere, is having a poor self-image out of it.

Stereotype: This more so happens with the underprivileged groups. Undermining them since they lack one thing or the other, they are from a different race, color, we do not want to be associated with them leads to them hating themselves thus poor self-image.

Confusing failure in a project with failure in life: You failed in a math test, you did not make it to another level. That past has been haunting you like a ghost and you do not want to let it go. Funny though, some parents go ahead and tell their kids, “Son, I was not good at it either” thus no matter how much you want to conquer something, at the back of your mind you will remember that failure and conclude even in life you will fail. Seriously???

Setting standards of perfection that are unrealistic and unreachable: We feel we must either be perfect, best or worst. Who wants to be at their worst? No one. We all want to be perfect and let everyone see so hence, we come up with this principles that make no sense and even attaining them is far from possible. That poor self-image crops up when we do not meet the standards.

Proportion of talent and ability: Ask someone their talent. Or did someone ask you yours? Was it ridiculed or questioned? Now when people do not believe in your talent and ability, you may wonder that it is not better off leading to that poor self-image.

Negativity: Negative individuals, negative comments spread venom that really stresses the negative with no mention of positivity.( At times I wonder where they came from). Not seeing that good thing in someone snatches a part of them.

Have you experienced this or someone made you have that poor self-image? Well keep posted for my part 2 where I’ll briefly take you into steps to a healthy self-image.



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