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Last week in found myself in that category of last minute rush. All deadlines were hitting on me hard from research proposal, business plan, handing over of assignments…it was hectic. Not that I did not have all the time in the world to do this. NO! Two weeks was the ultimate time given to do all this. Then why all the rush??

Honestly speaking I know am not the only one found in such a scenario, or am I? Well after I was done with all the work, I decided this was unlike me. So I analyzed what made me be a last minute rusher and maybe even you did this at one time.

Laziness: After drafting and looking up for various sources with the relevant information, my energy dwindled in the process. All the psyche was long gone and as the days approached by I felt like not doing anything at all. Either I was tired and needed rest or my entire body was generally lazy.

Poor planning: I did not come up with a proper schedule to help handle each task at its time. This is when I found myself repeatedly multitasking, losing focus on the way and at times would ask myself “what am I really doing?”

Procrastination: “I got all the time” aha that talk cropped up in my mind like forever. I kept postponing the days, thinking that time was on my side. Tick- tock, tick- tock it busted me.

Lack of motivation: Nothing around me was encouraging enough. The inner bubbly me was not receiving the much needed enthusiasm. No one was there to really push me but all we saw was the approaching deadline.

Attitude: “This is not easy” ATT got the better part of me. At first I thought things could be simple but a proposal and business plan all at the same time? You got to be kidding me! Hmm, well negativity…

Lose concentration: Doing other things not in line with what I was supposed to do is what I did. My seriousness shifted gears to other things that I thought were simple, of much interest than what was at stake.

Cycle: It is a habit that is slowly cropping not only to completing tasks but other things. For example, when choosing that OOTD (Outfit of the Day), that hairdo, attending an event, saving for something…my o ooh my.

Well that was my case. I actually did not pity myself but talked it out loud with myself. Discipline, making a clear weekly plan, looking for motivational channels, actual doing it, managing my time well, having the right mindset and curbing that habit before it stems up were some remedies jotted down.

Have you ever found yourself in the last minute rush bus? What did you do? How did you overcome it?



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