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Average Part 2

After looking into what causes average, today I analyze my moving out of the comfort zone strategies.

Start small: It takes a step at a time to make it. We do not just wake up one day and hurray we at the top. No, every little thing at your disposal when effectively used the right way, takes you there. Do not wait till everything is right but start making everything right.

Be unique: This thing of following the crowd really pisses me off. I call it “uniform.” It’s like putting on a certain dress only to find the entire neighborhood matching the same. When everyone is busy trying to look like so and so, why don’t you take the initiative and be your own brand. Explore new ideas, new techniques that leave the crowd in awe.

More action, less talk: Robert Green in his book “48 Laws of Power”, law number4 and 9 respectively; always say less than necessary; win through your actions, never through argument. Instead of yapping, get down on it.

Stop the blame game: When things do not go as expected majority start blaming the government, family, society, religion, background for their failures. Did they come to the rescue mission? No! Success lies within the person and not in the job. You can best get to the top by getting to the bottom of things.

Never arrive: There is this saying in my country people often like using “nimefika”. “No way am I doing this or that. Am done advancing and I think at this position am satisfied”. That lingo needs to go. Starting something new, doing another job, doing another degree, taking a short course did not hurt anyone or did it? Always be on the yearn to explore and know more.

Be a dare devil: Risk taking and mistakes on the way is what brings success. We learn from them and they open channels that lead to amazement. Fear and doubt need to be put aside.

Mentor-ship: Someone who can guide you in the right path, give a thumbs up where necessary, be in a higher position and be in line with you career is key. A mentor helps to stay on track, motivates, increases your self-esteem, challenges you and this way you can better maneuver through with ease.

Evade stinky thinking: Sources of negative information are always around us and ignoring them is hard. Positive mindset and trusting our instincts however, outdoes garbage dump thinking.

Think big: We all have read Ben Carson book “Think Big.” No matter our circumstances we should never at any time think less or give up. Let this crazy ideas popping in our minds make us be who we want to be.

Dream big: We all hear what people want to accomplish in life and think they are over ambitious. Why don’t you join the dreamers club and also start planning on what to do to make it.

Train: No one was born with the skills in them. Attending that class, career talks, having a qualified trainer, seminars equip one with the right skills in the direction they want to journey.

Shape up or shape out: It is either you can or can’t. It is either you sober up and move away from average or continue being stuck at average. The choice is yours.

Worship: (I actually lacked a better word for this) considering we from different religious backgrounds, we pray and praise differently. Put your trust and your ways in them.

Enough said, take that spin and get out of that average level. As my favorite  hip hop artist once sung ” I know I can, be what I wanna be. If I work hard at it, i be where i wanna be.” It is not easy but worth trying than die never trying.



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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