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Average Part 1

What really is average? Do we like average? Do we want to be stuck on average?

Syndrome of been content with what you have and not wanting it to be lesser or more, is what I call average. This has no age limit since it starts from childhood to adulthood and if not taken care of impacts one’s life in the long run.

Skilled, talented with a blast of potential kicks in us but due to certain circumstances we would rather not let them out and hide in a cocoon. Today I explore the leading factors that continue to keep majority at an average;

Fear of the unknown: No one really knows what happens next after taking a certain step in life. Doubt triggers causing an unbalanced see-saw where that step can either yield light or heavy outcomes. To avoid frustrations or whatever we call it, we opt to stick to average. Risk taking is a no- no.

Lack of curiosity: There are those who are always yearning for more information, more methodologies, more of everything. Yes, they are the dare devils, go getter that is why they are always a step ahead. However, the adamant prefer to be at ease with what they hear, see or do. Flexibility is not with them, cannot maneuver under certain hurdles and they better off that way.

Laziness: I call it a cropping disease in many of us. With all the things we can do and move mountains but our idle bodies would rather stay relaxed than put pressure on them. “I don’t want stress” most say. Dormant minds however cause stress in case you didn’t know.

Wrong company: You want to make it and not be like the crowd, then show me who your friends are. Most of the times we find ourselves hanging out with people who never challenge us in life. They never bring ideas to the table or show you how to go about it. You never try to outsmart each other and yet call them best friends forever!!!

More talk, less action: How many times do we say we going to do something and end up not doing it? Countable times. Procrastinator has been an added label to our so called names.

Low self- esteem: We do not believe in our inner being. Either we are scared of what people will say or the morale in us is long dead. Lack of motivation more so contributes in this where we do not know where we are, what we doing and where we want to be.

Negativity: Nay-says, pessimists and other opposing factors lender a habitat for average. Negative comments, negative ideas are everywhere and we good at paying attention to them. We do not want to play deaf for a moment and think if at all that hunch is cool. So, they end up dictating our living.

Meager dreams: You do not want a high class life because that would somehow be a burden to society. Dreaming big is only for billionaires, the know it all. Owning businesses, having holidays from country A-Z, driving posh cars name them can only happen for the chosen few. The little at hand is enough and thinking big is not worth. Well my friend that is a den to average.

How then do we move away from average? Join me next time as we journey towards remedies to curbing the average syndrome.



Living my life, exploring it, yearning more of it and learning from it.

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