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4th Anniversary

Youngest country to join the independence club. After the country underwent a major division from the so known Sudan, after decades of war, South Sudan was formed and on 9th July 2011 it gained its independence. This was a D-Day but not all was well.

Ethnic clashes been the dividing element spurred by political differences in thirst for power continue to lag this nation behind. Rebels taking over and forcing countries to offer travel advisories to its citizens adversely affecting the economy. Thousands continue to die and the number of forced refugees and migrants continue to increase rapidly.

Salva Kiir been the president continues to face opposition from his counterpart, Riek Machar with the aim of a power sharing deal. African Union Summit foresaw a peace agreement signed but not much can be accounted for. Four years down the line, citizens are still rebuilding a nation that had its worst attacks in 2013 and 2014.

Tension is high as rebels offer to step aside if only the president changes the structure of leadership. Poverty levels, low human development, poor economy, inadequate infrastructure, insecurity if not corrected could make the nation join the underdeveloped league.

With 63 tribes surrounding it, Arabic as their national language showcases that synergy is needed to help restore peace. Moreover, Omar Bashir the Sudanese President, continues to escape accusations of war crimes, genocide, with countries ordered to arrest him if he steps foot into them. He joins the list of leaders like Charles Taylor, at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

As aid continues to engulf this new baby, we hope that a solution shall be implemented soon. As they pick up the pieces and soar higher, let us join this tall (am always feeling like a dwarf when in face-face communication with one of them), visionary, beautiful and handsome citizens as they celebrate their four years anniversary. Cheers my dear Africans.




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