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Humble Beginnings

54 and not married?!! This was the hullaballoo that made Kenyans go gaga. They might have thought he was mad and am guessing they were alert in case a mama popped out of the blues to say she had been married by him. It did not happen. So they went ahead to ask bizarre questions of how a man would want to be a bachelor his whole life. In a polygamous country where the marriage institution is quickly fading this was unheard of.

Adding salt to the injury was the mere fact he owned no property at all in Kenya and had spent most of his entire life in the United States. Earning about 3 million a month and investing in another land while majority goes to charity is really something to think about.

Till he took over as governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Patrick Njoroge has continued to be in people’s lips. Our politicians have been nick named all sorts of names due to their greedy selfish motives but this one came in style. A posh house in the environs of the rich, convey of sleek vehicles from the VW Passat, Range Rover, Mercedes; body guards at disposal, chauffer were some of the necessities been offered. Grab it all would have been the norm to many but not so fast my fellow Kenyans. No thank you. He rejected them all!! Yes I know you asking if he is for real, if he is a fool, but he is all normal.

A strict follower of the Catholic teachings, he is a member of Opus Dei that advocates for simplicity and worshipping of the Almighty at all times. He opted to stay at “the hostels” with the mission van been his mode of transport. Simplicity.

A person of that caliber can only make a thing happen while as the CB governor according to my thinking. He shall object the selfish motives of the fellow ministers who like spending as if there is no tomorrow, and bring forth maximum social benefit for the welfare of a nation. This way we shall borrow less, use what we have at our disposal and avoid the heavy debts we continue to incur. Embezzlement of funds will fade slowly and corruption might cease.

However, the nay-says think that due to his simplicity, he shall be stingy making us thirst for funds and lag behind the development of the nation. Whichever way he adopts, we ready to be taken on a ride of amazement by this humble man and maybe teach us life lessons.

Hongera governor for opening our eyes that it is not the posh lifestyle that makes a country grow but sacrificing all that for steering the nation into higher heights.

Ps; His Excellency, Uhuru Kenyatta just won an award for been Africa’s best President. Having been in the fore-front in the Hague trials, this show cases a strong man who conquered it all and ready to rule the nation as required. Insecurity, corruption, pressure from the opposition, constitution amendments, are some of the issues among many that continue to knock at his docket. However, he continues to advocate for peace, love, unity among a divided country. Through hard work, prayers, supporting family, he has proved that in deed all is possible. A toast to you Mr. President.




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