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Way back on 18th June 1991 on a very chilly morning, this beautiful, crazy, bubbly, down to earth lady was introduced to the world at that hospital everyone hates back at the city…..what was its name again?(what did it do?). Well at this prime age my ticking clock reminds me am not growing any younger; Old it is all the way. Excitement may not define me today since at this age a lot of questions hit me hard but I realize I live at the moment.
A birthday party, friends, liquor and all defined madness would have been the norm but today am taking it slow. I realize the person I’ve grown to be and yell out loud…’growing up sucks’, and at times I want to feel like a teen again but the crowd I have is all mature and at times I feel like a dork.
The thing about been mature is realizing God and you make a perfect team most of the times. Life has taught you a lot of hurdles that make you swim clearly through and not drown ever. Aiming for the stars or is it galaxy this days, keeps you preoccupied that you neither realize it is raining outside nor are you seen online 24/7. However, some behaviors never vanish no matter giving it your all like been a tomboy at times, eating junk that never adds weight on you making you wonder if your weight is on menopause!
Dating, flirting are among the things that make your ‘A’ game go down to almost negative. Back then you would even sleep past midnight texting, long night calls but now all you think is that bed at the end of the day to lay that tired body. The number of handsome men leave alone those old grey haired men who want you as a ‘side chic’, that you drool over have now transformed their interest to younger age babes. Hey, bringing my game back in style. Wait for it… it is going to be LEGENDARY! (Barney on how I met your mother should probably say this)
If you plan on starting a family at an early age this is when your attention shifts to serious things with the probability of that lad you have now been the future husband, saving, that life changing career, a car, and nice house are some of the biggest agendas on that neatly carried around diary. Woe unto you if your parent’s money is what sustains you!! Everyone starts thinking something might be wrong with you. Luckily, settling down is not any time soon for me; got to live first, explore and discover.
Back to turning 24………
Gemini horoscope may define my day turnouts but only the Almighty makes it worth living. Thanks to Him I am eager to receive those presents that were promised (dare you forget), black forest cake, that date, that sorry I have been waiting to hear and maybe a night out to remind me I can still move like Jagger and not crack a bone. On that note all speakers should either be going hummer on classics (I love old-school) or hip-hop (the bitch I have turned out to be). Then come tomorrow I can start thinking straight and lay down my strategies for needs and wants to be fulfilled before 25( wait, that should have been done in new year…). Not forgetting to ask Him for other many more years.
Relax, enjoy, it is just like any other day only that birthday has been added to the later.
Ps. Listen to what the world is telling you and take a leap. There are certain things in life when you know it is a mistake but you don’t really know it is a mistake because the only way to really know it is a mistake, is to make a mistake and look back and say “yes that was a mistake.” The bigger mistake would be not make the mistake because then you would go your whole life not knowing if something really is a mistake or not.