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They are the head of families in our homes, we look up to them to pay the bills and the pocket size earns them respect. Our FATHERS. That figure head is very important more so in how a child is socialized in society. Trust me if your child did not have a father figure to look up to even if it was a brother, uncle or grandpa; then that girl grew up to love sugar daddies and that boy somehow developed girlish behavior with the large crowd of girls as his buddies. Well do not get it twisted if you are a single mum am just speaking from seeing it.

To stop beating about the bush, every second week of June we celebrate Father’s Day. This is a day set aside to cherish our dear fathers who were it not for their contribution in that genetic makeup we would never exist. Brunch, tie, pair of socks, a Calvin wrist watch, a lazy boy chair, a card, picture frame to put at his work desk, a leather pair of shoes are some of the gifts we ought to get them to at least say thank you for their sacrifices.

Unlike Mother’s Day that is full of pomp and color you would think that our fathers never gave us a share of their love. I fathom some have to be away for months as that humongous salary at the end of the month is the source of livelihood, others depend on a brown bottle and every night cause chaos to their families who end up been the talk of the week, for some that other “side mama” as commonly referred by villagers keeps them busy to a point of forgetting they have a family, another category is of don’t cares where their families view them as picture hanging on the wall literally since they never contribute to anything; while the others are those who work tirelessly to make ends meet.

According to my survey, fathers are described in all ill terms but behind that talk can’t help but notice the tingling love they have for them dangling in those hateful eyes. Putting aside all grievances, they sacrificed their time, money, jobs to be with their families in one way or the other. That little or enormous thing they did should be appreciated for them to feel at home. Their ego may confuse them that all is well but did you ever talk to him about it? The same way we run to our mothers for opinions, did we at least take a moment and ask dad too? When was the last time you wished him a happy birthday leave alone a father’s day? Or send him an encouraging message since calling to hear his voice was pathetic?

Yesterday was father’s day and I asked my friends if they remembered to wish their dads a good one but it slipped through their minds. No excuses for that. To make it more worse this day is also not recognized by many especially our fathers. I woke up all excited to wish mine and the first reply “it is today?” Then a thank you followed later. Our calendars are usually marked in bold, different ink pen to symbolize an event we waiting in awe. However, this day passes unrecognized and it is either the media through the hashtags that go viral during the day or someone who accidentally mentions it that it hits us.

You may have forgotten it was his day but if his birthday is almost coming up, surprise him. Let us embrace our fathers for all the good and bad they do, they still are and will always be our fathers.

I raise a glass in honor of all fathers……let us make a toast. Cheers!!!



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