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Tribal Mayhem

Various platforms have been created for each individual to accommodate the other irrespective of social status, class, tribe, power name them but that only is the mask behind our good created faces since deep down we know it is all fake. I call it a mayhem because it’s more of a controversy that we no longer want to end. And it all started with our parents.

They were supposed to instill in us the values of love but they turned all into hate. It all began when that crash of our life became an outsider; not from your tribe no common culture. I must say am super excited when it comes to learning peoples culture, the dos and don’ts. It ignites that fire in me and am always eager to learn more about all of them. Now back to parents…..

After the long awaited news all faces turn dull and you wonder what could be wrong, his name, career, and way of upbringing or what sentence did they not glimpse. Your prince charming turns to qualify in all but his tribe becomes the killer poison to the remedy. You whine and ask why can’t you be with him and you are well endowed about all the natty gritty that happens in their culture but the fear that they instill! “You know he will marry another girl as a second wife from his tribe? I can’t bear the sight of a dead body in my house? You know they practice witchcraft? Your house will turn into an aid center as they come running for help….” All the naysays you never imagined your loved ones could utter finally pops out. Ouch! You are hurt. But not even evil can ruin the love you feel. You fight till the end to accept him and prove tribalism must end as a patriotic citizen.

Honor your parents the Bible quite reminds us but the questions that bombard in your mind….’will I be cursed? But I love him…if I let go then my heart shall forever be in pain and shall not love again” well matters of the heart are delicate and need serious attention and only takes a prayer to the Lord knowing you are about to break that commandment to open their eyes and see.

Bombshells do not drop on tribes alone but religion follows suit. We grew up knowing Christians did Christians, Muslims- Muslims, and Hindus- Hindus but with the various transitions inter-religion as I call it has taken a notch higher. That Hindu with that flawless skin, cute hair; the Muslim brother who does not have the ascent, loves hip hop, parties a lot and you rhyme; that Christian lad with all the qualities you look….oooh my! Then the bond gets crazy and you all mushy mushy and love rekindles to marriage. How then do you explain that to the strict society bond with ties that cannot be broken and the consequences are so harsh?

You may think am writing from experience but it is all from seeing the torture many go through in the name of love. Thumbs up to those who fight it all and conquer each other than those who run away from stigmatization. You love the other tribe dive in, that gentleman from another religious background is all you feel, then hold your horses and do the right thing. They talk, conspire against you but at the end of the day it is just the two of you.

However, if you like me who is much of an explorer and loves all tribes and is always yearning to love something new, go ahead and tell your parents this “my love for cultures shall not see me get married in my own tribe” well I told them that in advance and they ready for that other son-in-law from another tribe be it from other countries. Explore.

Well dear parents if only you could respect your sons, daughters desires all could be well and the horrific tribalism news that go wild could long have ceased.